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Philippine Journal of Industrial Education and Technology


The Philippine Journal of Industrial Education and Technology is a peer reviewed research journal of the Technological University of the Philippines.


  • PJIET Volume 24 No. 2 July-December 2014
    • Continuing TUP’s Journey to Higher Grounds - (A Proposed Vision, Mission and Development Goals for the Technological University of the Philippines) Adora S. Pili
    • Correlates of Sexual Behaviors Among Selected College Students of Technological University of the Philippines
      Juliet A. Catane
    • A Power Management System for Residential Electric Consumption using Arduino to a Server through Zigbee and Controlled by Android Device via Bluetooth
      Czar Ian C. Armendi, Joshua Othniel B. Dela Cruz, Mark Joshua S. Guilalas, Erika Rose M. Herrera, Rodel S. Mercado, Myca R. Mira, Charisse May M. Moico, Criselle C. Perona, Jonah Jireh C. Santiago, Jollebee G. Victo, Edgar A. Galido
    • Assessment of Pre-service Teachers vis-à-vis National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) at the College of Industrial Education, TUP-Manila
      Romeo S. Ebonite
  • PJIET Volume 24 No. 1 January-June 2014
    • Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Productivity of Selected State University Faculty Regina Noemi R. Abaraba, Myrna R. Batino
    • Locus of Control and Academic Procastination among Selected Junior Undergraduate Students
      Jonathan D. Baysan, Paula Q. Vidal, Myrna R. Batino, Alicia A. Topacio
    • Academe Partnership with a Fuel-Based Industry: Outcomes and Challenges
      Adora S. Pili, Felipe Ronald M. Argamosa, Renato Butch R. Bituonan
    • Reinforced Values Instruction Via Advanced Life Lessons: Effects on Values Position
      Esther Morales