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PASIKLABAN 2024: TUP's Ultimate Sports and Cultural Week

The Technological University of the Philippines (TUP) Manila proudly hosted the 2nd Sports and Cultural Week, known as PASIKLABAN, from May 21-24, 2024. This event, held at the TUP Centennial Stage and Open Field, was a spectacular showcase of talent, sportsmanship, and cultural pride. The event was organized by The University Sports Development Office and The Office of Cultural Affairs under the capable leadership of Director Ma'am Bernadette Alavazo, with significant contributions from Cultural Head Ma'am Beverly Yabut and the secretary of the PE Dept. Mr. Art Reyes and other PE Department professors.

PASIKLABAN kicked off with a successful opening ceremony where the symbolic torch was lit, marking the start of a relentless competition among the six colleges from the College of Architecture and Fine Arts, College of Engineering, College of Industrial Education, College of Industrial Technology, College of Liberal Arts, and College of Science. The photographs of the event, captured by TUP Manila's The Philippine Artisan, TUP USG, Kalinangan Singers media teams and other media teams from different groups and organizations, vividly highlighted the enthusiasm and spirit of the participants.

The TUP Kalinangan Singers, under the baton of their talented conductor Jayson Dedal, were prominently featured in the photographs. Their performances, which graced both the opening and closing ceremonies, were a major highlight. Alongside them, other cultural groups such as the TUP Grayhawks Dance Crew, Kalinangan Dance Troupe, and Kalinangan Drum and Lyre showcased their artistic prowess, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

The 3-day cultural and sports extravaganza was not only a celebration of talent but also a demonstration of unity and excellence. As the competitions unfolded, the audience witnessed a fierce showdown of skills and creativity, echoing the event’s motto: Basitlaban ng Galing, Bahusayan sa Sining."

TUPians were encouraged to come out, cheer, and celebrate the spirit of fun and victory. The PASIKLABAN 2024 was not just an event; it was a testament to the thriving sports and cultural spirit at TUP. So, roll up your sleeves and harden your hearts, because PASIKLABAN has just begun! Here are some highlights from the event.

TUPians, #PasiklabanNa!
Isabelle Escamis
Rommer Sayat
Photo Credits to The Philippine Artisan, TUP Kalinangan Singers, TUP Kalinangan Drum & Lyre, 2nd TUP Sports & Cultural Week Page.