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Student Privileges



The Office of Student Affairs is in charge of the different scholarship and educational grants offered to students either by the university, the national government or by any interested individual, group of persons or company.

As may be required by the Memorandum of Agreement between the grantor and the university through the Office of Student Affairs, the faculty-in-charge for Scholarship may conduct the screening of interested students wishing to avail of the scholarship grant. Likewise, OSA also undertakes processing of papers.

Scholarship and educational grants that are being offered by the university are categorized into the following:

  • Institutionally funded grants, which include: Academic scholars, Philippine Artisan staffers, Physical Education grants (i.e. University athletes and Kalinangan Dance Troupe) and Grants as per Board Resolutions
  • Privately-funded grants
  • Government-funded grants, which include: Study Now Pay Later Plan, State Scholarship Program, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Clark PAF Educational Fund, Baranggay Grant/Sangunniang Kabataan, Department of Science and Technology, and TUP-PASUC

How to apply for Scholarships:

  1. Fill up the application forms available at the office of Student Affairs. Attach 1 ID picture.
  2. Present the following requirements together with the duly accomplished application form:
    • Photocopy of high school card (for freshmen applicants) or rating slip from the Office of the Registrar (for sophomore to senior students)
    • Photocopy of Registration form Income Tax Return of parents/guardian.
  3. Wait for the announcement of the schedule for interview.


All students wishing to avail of the student group accident insurance may avail of such from the Faculty-in-charge of Ancillary Services. However, students enrolled in the On-the-Job Training and/or Supervised Industrial Training Program is required to have the student group insurance. Any student who meets an accident during the affectivity of the one-year insurance plan will be reimbursed of the incurred expenses in accordance with the guidance set forth in the insurance plan.

How to Apply for Student Group Insurance (for OJT/SIT students):

  1. Present the current registration form for S.I.T.
  2. Pay the required amount for insurance.
  3. Sign in the official logbook for insured students and claim insurance stub.

How to claim insurance benefits:

  1. Present the following:
    • Current registration form where the STUDENT GROUP INSURANCE was stamped.
    • Duly accomplished claim form and medical certificate form from the Office of Student Affairs.

Processing of papers will depend on the availability of the required documents. It is advisable that official receipts of expenses incurred during the medication and/or hospitalization period be kept intact.


Any bonafide student of the university who has at least stayed in the university for one whole school year and whose schedule of classes allow for 4 consecutive hours of free time, if interested and willing, could apply for the Student Assistanceship Program. This Program is designed to train students in the different facets of the work place which can help broaden them to first-hand experiences which can help broaden interpersonal relationships. The university compensates the students as per approval of the Board of Regents.

How to apply as a Student Assistant:

  1. Present the current registration form and the duly accomplished application form from the Office of Student Affairs.
  2. Be available for the scheduled interview and testing.
  3. Report to the Office of the Student Affairs to follow-up your application.


Students can address their mails at the Technological University of the Philippines especially if the letters are official in nature. Mails can be claimed at the Office of the Student affairs during office hours provided that the student presents his/her ID card. It is recommended that the letter be addressed in the proper way as in the example below:

  • College of Industrial Technology 
    Technological University of the Philippines 
    Ayala Blvd., Ermita, Manila 1000


This unit undertakes the following:

  • Accreditation of student clubs and organizations per school year;
  • Monitoring of activities and projects of the different accredited student organizations, college student councils and the supreme student council;
  • Implementation of the Rules and Regulations Governing Organized Student Activities and Rules on Discipline;
  • Recommendation of University-wide activities geared towards the wholesome development of the student-mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and morally.


The Student Privilege Fee (SPF) is collected by the university to answer for the needs of the student population in three levels: 1. Student government, 2. Student publication, 3. Cultural group.

The University Administration, through a Board Resolution, has transferred the collection and the management of the SPF to the student government and student publication during school year 1991-1992. The student government collects P12.00 while the student publication collects P18.00 per student per semester. The student body to the Student Trust Fund deposits the collected fees. Expenses for the different student activities and projects duly listed in the Approved Calendar of Student Activities can be derived from Student Trust Fund, provided that proper procedure in the disbursement of the money will be undertaken. Auditing of finances is the responsibility of the student body; however, the university administration, through the Office of Student Affairs, can cause for the university audit of the Student Trust Fund.

Only the university cashier collects the cultural fee, which amounts to P10.00. The cultural fee is also deposited in a trust fund, which answers for the needs of such groups as the University Sports Council, band, rondalla and dance troupe.