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The Office Of Student Affairs


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is the primary frontline office of the University with the students. The OSA oversees the implementation of policies that support the academic pursuits and total development of students. Likewise, it takes care of the different aspects of a healthy and productive student life outside of the home of every student.

Student development as process education is bounded through “out-of-class” activities. These activities are specifically designed for the holistic development of the students; fostering optimal growth; accommodating individual differences and responding to the psycho-social needs of students. Social learning experiences are carried through carefully selected curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Driven likewise by the desire to promote the well being students, the office fosters a nurturing environment where values and character formation is the core concern.


Four (4) Key Areas of Concern:

  1. Welfare Functions
    • Counseling
    • Health Services
    • Programs of Financials Aid
    • Testing
  2. Control Function
    • Maintenance of Records
    • Discipline Functions
  3. Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular
  4. Teaching Functions
    • Orientation Programs (Local and Foreign Students)
    • Special Offerings of Remedial Services

In order to fulfill the various functions, the office/unit has the several units of different but interrelated functions:


    The Career Guidance and Counseling Center offers various avenues for the holistic development of an individual. With its thrusts along the mission-vision of the university , activities are designed to assist students in attaining maximum personal adjustment and developing a sense of service contributory to the growth and development of technological advancement.

    1. Individual Inventory – involves the continuous and cooperative process of accumulating, recording, utilizing information on each individual for guidance and counseling purposes. All records are dealt with utmost confidentiality.
    2. Information (educational, vocational, personal-social) – making available all the necessary materials relevant to student’s life, career preparation, personality development and general information. This also includes conducted orientations on various guidance programs and services and providing of informational materials necessary for students’ sound personal, social and educational adjustment.
    3. Counseling (individual and group) are held to facilitate self-understanding that is contributory to the attainment of sound life adjustment. This service covers the personal-social, academic and vocational aspects.
    4. Consultation – Counselors cater and consider the whole TUP academic community, as such counselors make themselves available for consultation with teachers and parents as well on matters related to students’ optimum development. The consultancy service likewise extends to the adult community composed of faculty members, administrators and service personnel.
    5. Psychological Assessment - Personality, interest, aptitude and other psychological tests are made available for greater assessment and understanding of the student’s needs and concerns. This aims to assist students in having a realistic appraisal of oneself. Test records are filed in each students’ cumulative folder should the student wish to come for test interpreatation with the help of the respective college counselor.
    6. Testing – Provides testing services for admission of the following:
      1. ETEAAP candidates
      2. GRADUATE Program applicants
      3. TUP PERSONNEL applicants

    The University encourages student empowerment and participation with the university activities through formation of clubs/organizations provided they sastisfactorily meet the requirements set forth.

    However, such groups of students are bound by university standards to follow the Rules and Regulations Governing Organized Student Activities (RRGOSA).

    This unit undertakes the following:

    1. Accreditation of student clubs and organizations per school year;
    2. Prepares calendar of student activities for the school year
    3. Monitoring of activities, and projects of the different accredited student organizations, college student councils and the student government;
    4. Implementation of the Rules and Regulations Governing Organized Student Activities (RRGOSA);
    5. Implementation of policies on Student Handbook;
    6. Recommendation of University-wide activities geared towards the holistic development of the student-mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and morally.

    1. letter of application for Pre- Accreditation. this letter should be addressed to the Director/Head of Student Affairs;
    2. List of ad-hoc officers of the club/organization with their corresponding specimen signatures, course and ID pictures;
    3. list of members of the student club/organization with their corresponding pictures, specimen signatures and courses (minimum of 25 members, 5 for foreign students)
    4. Constitution and By-laws of the club/organization;
    5. Plans/Activities/Projects with tentative schedule, venue and budgetary requirements; and
    6. Letter of acceptance as club/organization faculty adviser (full time faculty member)

    1. letter of request for re-accreditation addressed to the Director/Head of Student Affairs;
    2. List of ad-hoc officers with their corresponding pictures, specimen signatures and courses (minimum of 25 members, 5 for foreign students)
    3. financial and accomplishment reports;
    4. Letter of acceptance as club/organization faculty adviser (full time faculty member)

    The University observes a centralized management of all scholarship services. The Scholarship unit handles the different scholarship and educational grants offered to students either by the university, the national government or by any interested individual, group of persons or company.

    As maybe required by the Memorandum of Agreement between the grantor and the university through the Office of Student Affairs, the faculty-in-charge for Scholarship may conduct the screening of interested students wishing to avail of the scholarship grant. Likewise, processing of papers is also undertaken by this unit.

    Scholarship and educational grants that are being offered by the university are categorized into the following:

    • Internal/Institutionally Funded
    • External
      1. Industry
      2. Non-Government Organization
      3. Government

    This unit takes charge of the welfare of foreign students enrolled in the University through sound projects and activities that would facilitate their adjustment to the Philippine culture and demands of their courses. The welfare of the foreign students shall be primarily directed in the integration of the foreign students to the various courses, participation in the educational and cultural activities of the University so that they may fully develop their potentials as students as well as understand and appreciate the Filipino culture. Visa related concerns are also accommodated.


    This office oversees the timely and accurate releases of student publication and coordinates all activities of the members of the official student publication, the Philippine Artisan. Working in accordance with the issued guidelines of campus/student journalists on the current trends in newspaper writing, it ensures that all concerns of student journalists are met. It is also responsible in recommending student attendance to seminar-workshop, symposia and lecture series of similar nature. Moreover, it has the responsibility to oversee the fiscal management of the school paper fund.


    This unit is in charge of the following services:

    1. Student I.D.
    2. Student Group Insurance
    3. Student Assistanceship Program
    4. Student Mails
    5. Lost and Found
  • Assistance in Dialogues and Consultation Meetings
  • Approval of Announcements or Materials for posting
  • Coordination of events, activities with University Linkages
  • Good Moral & Scholarship Certifications
  • Student Clearances
  • Lost & Found Services

The Office of Student Affairs - Manila

  • Technological University of the Philippines 
    Ayala Blvd., Ermita, 1000 Manila, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: 
    +63 (2) 301.3001 loc. 606/625