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College of Industrial Technology Page

College of Industrial Technology


The College of Industrial Technology traces its roots from the Technical Department of the then Philippine School of Arts and Trades adapted in 1937 which later became the Philippine College of Arts and Trades.

In 1978, the then Philippine College of Arts and Trades was converted into the Technological University of the Philippines (TUP). Simultaneously, the College of Industrial Technology arose from the departments of the former Technical Department.

Today, the CIT is the center of the industrial technology education of the University and is composed of eight departments namely, the Basic Industrial Technology, the Civil Engineering Technology, the Electrical Engineering Technology, the Electronics Engineering Technology, the Food and Apparel Technology, the Graphic Arts and Printing Technology, the Mechanical Engineering Technology and the Power Plant Engineering Technology.


The College of Industrial Technology develop highly skilled technicians, technologist, and applied researchers who are needed to sustain industrial growth and develop for the enhancement of quality of life.


  • Develop, improve and implement training program to attain effective delivery system of technological education.
  • Strengthen faculty qualification and rank.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty researches and come up with new concepts, materials and processes.
  • Make available the facilities of the College and expertise of the faculty to the community.