• Classes and work of employees in TUP Manila are suspended on January 9, 2019 in view of the Traslacion of the Black Nazarene.

Office of the University Research and Development Services (URDS)

General Functions

The University Research and Development Services (URDS) formerly known as the University Center for Research and Development (UCRD) was created through a Board Resolution No. 88, s. 1995. The URDS is charged to coordinate, consolidate and operationalize research and development activities of the University consisting of four campuses in accordance with the approved research programs and priorities. In addition, it also serves the functions of planning, directing, supervising research activities, and disseminating research outputs (TUP Code, Article 72).

Specific Functions

The more specific functions of the Office are:

  • To assist the University in its program of development and growth by providing needed base data for decision making and for the formulation of development plans.
  • To provide the University personnel/faculty opportunities and funding support to pursue research projects that are relevant to the thrusts and needs of the University, subject to the University research budgetary capabilities.
  • To establish linkages with industry and other agencies, for the purpose of identifying relevant subjects or problems for research and whenever possible, pursue research endeavors on areas of common concern jointly with these agencies.
  • To coordinate and monitor research projects of the various units of the University for the purpose of rationalizing research efforts and to avoid wasteful duplication.
  • To formulate and implement guidelines approved by proper authority governing University research grants as well as the privileges and responsibilities of grantees.
  • To disseminate research and related productive scholarship outputs through publication of research journals, monograph series, reviews, bulletins, and newsletters.
  • To plan and implement programs directed towards the continuing development of competencies of research personnel and of other University members who are engaged in research.
  • To develop and implement a University research assistantship program that will provide students, particularly graduate students, to further their training and experience in research pursuits.
  • To exercise leadership, on its own or through cooperative efforts with other units of the University or with external agencies, in the promotion of consciousness in research production and utilization through seminars, conferences, workshops, training programs, round table discussions, and other similar activities.

Services of the URDS

The URDS primarily supports the conduct of R&E in TUP. In order to promote interest and capability for research, the following services are continuously offered to faculty and student researchers of the University:

  • Assistance in proposal development;
  • Project documentation;
  • Assistance in data treatment (statistical data processing services);
  • Computer services;
  • Assistance in funding requirements;
  • Provides linkages with research organizations;
  • Assistance in journal publication;
  • Assistance in research fora, seminars, and conferences.

Contact Information:
  • Prof. Renato Butch Bituonan
    Director, University Research and Development Services
  • 3/F IRTC Bldg., TUP-Manila, Ayala Boulevard, Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000
  • Tel. No.: (+63 2) 301.3001 loc. 711
  • Email: urds@tup.edu.ph