• Classes and work of employees in TUP Manila are suspended on January 9, 2019 in view of the Traslacion of the Black Nazarene.

Research Funding

Research is distinctly a function of the University, and as such, the faculty and administrative staff who are qualified to conduct research, whether singly or in teams, are encouraged and given every opportunity and support to pursue research in their areas of competence.

To be considered for funding, the research must be within the areas of concern of the University and is identified as a priority.

The release of the research budget to the respective units of the University will be based on the itemized budgets that were submitted and approved for each study or project. Research budget allocations and releases are dependent on the research proposals that are submitted and approved for funding.

The University Research Grant shall be taken from the University Budgetary Allocation for R&D and such other grants of the University, i.e. grants-in-aid.

University Research Grants and all other forms of R&D support and incentives shall be granted by the University President after a technical review and endorsement of the research proposal by the Director of the URDS through the Vice President for Research and Extension, and deliberation of the University Research and Extension Council.