• Classes and work of employees in TUP Manila are suspended on January 9, 2019 in view of the Traslacion of the Black Nazarene.

Policy on the Use of the Internet Workstation

  1. Access to the Internet is first come first served basis.
  2. All bags and other personal materials must be deposited in the baggage area.
  3. Foods and drinks are strictly prohibited inside the Internet workstation area.
  4. The use of the Internet facilities shall be limited to searching of information pertinent to curricular offerings.
  5. Access to the Internet shall be automatically terminated after one hour of use in a particular session, and may be resumed if there is no one in queue.
  6. Opening of websites containing pornographic materials is strictly prohibited.
  7. Typing of documents is also prohibited.
  8. One person is allowed per computer in the Internet workstation.